JERUSALEM CALLING – CFHU Reports from The BOG – June 16 – Yoram Yovell, Youth, Tour, and Opening

Welcome to the third issue of CFHU’s JERUSALEM CALLING, a series of reports from the 2019 Board of Governors (BOG) activities at Hebrew University.

This latest instalment, prepared over the weekend in Jerusalem, features highlights from HU panel discussions, lectures, walking tours and the Opening Reception at the Safra Campus.

To see what’s ahead in the next few days, please click here to a view a full program of the meeting events.

Professor Yoram Yovell

HU’s Prof. Yoram Yovell spoke to CFHU’s Robert Sarner immediately after his morning session titled Between the Pursuit of Happiness and the Treatment of Mental Pain.

Videographer: Liri Cohen Harounoff

HU Youth Division Students

Five high school students took part in Saturday’s second panel discussion, titled Great Minds Think Ahead: Promising Stars of HU’s Youth Division, which is supported financially by CFHU. Afterwards, two of the students told CFHU’s Robert Sarner how it felt to speak at a Board of Governors event.

Click here for an additional video on Next Gen HUJI – the Hebrew University Youth Division.

Videographer: Liri Cohen Harounoff

Walking Tour: In the Footsteps of Amos Oz

One of the two afternoon walking tours offered to BOG attendees was titled: Jerusalem in the Footsteps of Amos Oz. HU’s Dr. Tamar Hess and professional guide Ezra Korman led the tour which highlighted the city through the writings of the late HU graduate and internationally-acclaimed author.

Videographer: Liri Cohen Harounoff

Opening Reception

On Saturday evening, BOG hosted its annual festive Opening Reception which took place this year in an open-air courtyard which is part of a major new building on the Safra Campus. CFHU’s Robert Sarner was there, and spoke with Winnipeg’s Gail Asper, member of the Executive Committee of HU’s Board of Governors.

Videographer: Liri Cohen Harounoff