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We are very pleased to announce CFHU’s latest scholarship recipients for winter 2023. Read about these exceptional students who are heading to Israel to fulfill a dream of studying at the world-renowned Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Noah Slayen


Recipient of a 2023 CFHU Student Scholarship Award

I am a proud recipient of scholarship funds to assist with paying for my studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am very honoured and very grateful for this award.

I feel a special connection to Israel, having enjoyed two short visits to the country. I am excited to begin a term at the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in February 2023. I will be taking courses related to Israel and Jewish life and am in the process of confirming a regular shift as a volunteer at ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem, working with children and adolescents.

I am currently a student in the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba, studying statistics and actuarial mathematics. In parallel, I am studying for my actuarial exams through the Society of Actuaries, and have completed three of ten exams to date. I see my time at Hebrew University as an opportunity to expand my educational horizons and acquire new knowledge and insights about Israel and about Jewish life, which is central to my identity.

I believe that the work CFHU does is crucial, as it not only helps students’ study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, but helps bring many curious students to Israel, a special place with a storied history, that everyone can learn from.

In closing, I extend my thanks again to all the CFHU staff, advocated, and donors. I am deeply honoured to receive this scholarship.

With gratitude and best wishes,

Noah Slayen

Elias Mendes-Gomes


Recipient of the A. Benjamin Gallay Fund Scholarship

It is with great gratitude that I write this thank you note. I am extremely honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of the A. Benjamin Gallay Fund Scholarship through the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University.

Your generosity makes it possible that I attend the M.A. in Archaeology and The Ancient Near East at the prestigious Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Rothberg International School). Thank you!

By awarding me a scholarship you have considerably lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus more on the most important aspect of school: the academic research.

This program fits perfectly my research interests. The director of the Archaeology program, Dr. Naama Yahalom-Mack, has extensively excavated the site of Tel Abel Beth Maacah in northern Israel. The Tel is identified with the location where ancient Israelites used to go in order to obtain guidance/direction, probably through divination or cleromancy (casting lots to foretell the future). Several cultic paraphernalia that, in all likelihood were used for cleromancy, have been found in this site.

During my stay at the Hebrew University, I would like to research more about the role divination played on the official religion and how such cultic practices can be witnessed through the evidence of the material culture found in archaeological sites such as Tel Abel Beth Maacah. My desire is that this M.A. program at the Hebrew University will lead into doctoral research in the near future.

The culmination of any research, of course, is not simply having knowledge for the sake of knowledge; is to share it. My hope is to be able to be involved in the academia teaching and writing articles that would bring increased and up-to-date knowledge on subjects related to archaeology and the Hebrew Bible.

I am amazed by your generosity, and pray that the Fund’s resources will never run dry, so that many more may be as fortunate as I have been. Thank you again for your generosity.

Respectfully submitted,

Elias Mendes-Gomes