CFHU facilitates academic and research partnerships between Canada and Israel, as well as establishes scholarships, supports research and cultivates student and faculty exchanges. Albert Einstein, Martin Buber, Chaim Weizmann and Sigmund Freud were among the university’s founders whose genius inspired a university without limits or borders. CFHU is dedicated to supporting Hebrew University in its efforts to remain one of the most innovative learning institutions in the world.

Canadian philanthropist Allan Bronfman founded Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University in 1944. The organization’s goal was clear: promote awareness, leadership and financial support for The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which is equally relevant today.

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Canadian Friends of Hebrew University provides direct funding and is a catalyst in developing key collaborative medical research partnerships between Canada and Israel.


CFHU’s primary goal is to raise awareness of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, generate funds, support activities, programs and research at the university, as well as recruit qualified Canadian students to study at Hebrew U. Secondarily, it supports the development of academic ties between Canadian universities and Hebrew U, and offers quality educational programs to local communities highlighting the achievements and expertise of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Since 1944, Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University has provided support for what is regarded as one of the world’s leading learning institutions. It was founding father Allan Bronfman’s goal to help spread the word of Israel’s pre-eminent university and its growing impact in academic spheres and the world over. Today, CFHU and its network of friends organizations around the globe unite in a singular vision to support the dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of all mankind.


CFHU’s impact on the Hebrew University reaches far beyond its fundraising efforts. Through the support of our donors, staff and continued outreach, we share in the success of the university’s groundbreaking efforts in the areas of social sciences, the humanities, exact sciences, and medicine. With headquarters located in almost every major city across Canada, CFHU draws upon its deep connections in local communities to bring forth the continued support that ensures the ongoing success of this world-class institution.