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We are very pleased to announce CFHU’s latest scholarship recipients for 2022. Read about these exceptional students who are heading to Israel to fulfill a dream of studying at the world-renowned Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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Recipient of the Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund

As a fourth year PhD candidate in political science at the University of Toronto, my academic objective is to understand how we can best realize the peace and security that is so desired by all of those who call Israel home today.

I am learning Hebrew in order to support my doctoral research in peace and conflict. My career goal is to work in diplomacy whether as a representative of the Government of Canada, as a United Nations officer, or in a policy development capacity within the international relations sector. Thus, learning Hebrew serves the dual purpose of enabling me to achieve both my academic objective and my career goal.

In addition to holding academic and professional meaning for me, this scholarship also has personal significance: my dad, whom I deeply admire, also studied in Jerusalem in his twenties and your generosity means that I will be able to follow in his footsteps. For that, I am very grateful.


Recipient of the Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund

I am currently completing a master’s in Education with a specialization in Jewish education at Hebrew University. The scholarship will greatly alleviate the burden of supporting myself in Israel as I complete my studies.

I plan to graduate in a year’s time and with the goal of furthering my impact within my local Jewish community in Vancouver, Canada.

By integrating both my psychology and research backgrounds with the skills I acquire from my masters, I will be able to create educational environments that further enrich my community.

My educational pursuits would not have been possible without the continued support from the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University and your donors. Thank you for enabling me to reach my goals with one less obstacle standing in the way.


Recipient of The Bernard & Elinor Persiko Scholarship and The Martha Cohen Scholarship Fund

Thank you for investing in my future. I have been a Hebrew University student since 2020 and it has been the most wonderful experience one could ever have. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity these scholarships afford me. I intend to use this opportunity to further my education at Hebrew University towards attaining a degree in archaeology to better aid my community.

My Judaic studies classes have helped me gain a more in depth understanding of the diaspora community at large. My archaeology classes have helped me see Jerusalem and other areas of the country in a new light. In fact, I am starting to not only see Jerusalem and its rich history but feel it as well.

When I complete my undergraduate studies at Hebrew University my hope is to enroll in the Hebrew University Masters of Archaeology program as it is one of the best in the world.

Studying archaeology in my opinion helps us truly understand our present and our future because you can’t understand these things without truly understanding the past.


Recipient of The Bernard & Elinor Persiko Scholarship and The Martha Cohen Scholarship Fund

Studying at Hebrew U has always been a dream of mine, mainly due to its highly regarded academic reputation and its special location of Jerusalem. I heard about the opportunity to study at Hebrew U through my Israeli cousin who did her undergraduate studies at Hebrew U and raved about it.

I am currently in my third year of the Social Work program at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. As a social work student, I am most looking forward to the opportunity of being able to learn in a city of such rich history, diversity, and multiculturalism.

This scholarship is going to help me immensely towards my studies and allow me to enjoy and explore all the wonders that the magical city of Jerusalem has to offer! Once I return back to Toronto from studying at Hebrew U, I plan on finishing my Bachelor’s degree in social work and then moving on to getting my Master’s degree in social work as well, either in Canada or Israel.

My ultimate goal is to be able to dedicate my knowledge and experience in the social work field to helping Jewish communities in the diaspora combat antisemitism through the strengthening of Jewish identity and eventually, I hope to take my career to Israel to help heal Israeli society from within.


Recipient of the Bernard and Elinore Persiko Merit Scholarship Fund

For me to receive your scholarship is a great honour and I intend to cherish it both in successfully completing the program and promoting my studies at Hebrew University, for years to come.

I’m nearing completion of the first semester and I love the program! The courses are really interesting to me and I feel the content is the perfect fit.

I work closely with students from all over the world, for example, I just completed a collaborative assignment about the life of Sarah & Abraham, where I got to collaborate with a student from South Korea and a student from Jerusalem.

I am grateful that you made the Bernard & Elinore Persiko Merit Scholarship Fund available to me and I promise to pay it forward in the future.


Recipient of the Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear Donors of The Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund,

Thank you for the financial support as I advance my academic journey at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Institute (HUJI). I am excited to make the move from Vancouver, British Columbia to Jerusalem, Israel.

In June 2022, I graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Arts: Honours Geography & Major Environmental Studies. During my undergraduate degree, I worked on community mapping and development projects. This led to my passion for community resilience work. I am thrilled to expand on my education of global community development through the Glocal International Development Studies Master’s program at HUJI.

Glocal is an interdisciplinary graduate program that focuses on thinking globally and acting locally to make change. I want to embark on a career that supports local community resilience and knowledge. I am passionate about using my post-secondary education to co-research and collaborate with communities to develop locally tailored solutions that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Furthermore, the opportunity to foster my Jewish identity in Israel alongside my academic pursuits fill me with gratitude. I am honoured to be a recipient of The Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Much gratitude,


Recipient of the Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dear donors of the Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the Allen Zysblat Memorial scholarship possible. I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor and I am deeply appreciative of your support.

I am currently a PhD student in theoretical physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am specifically trying to understand how intelligent behaviour emerges in neural networks and the brain. Upon completing my PhD, I plan to pursue a postdoctoral position followed by a faculty position or staff scientist at a leading institution, tech company or hedge fund.

The financial assistance you provided will be of great help to me in paying my living expenses, and it will allow me to concentrate more of my time for studying.

Thank you again for your generosity and support. I will use this opportunity you have given me to be the best physicist I can.

Aryeh Fortinsky