Welcome to segment #12 of Hebrew University Speaks, CFHU’s monthly video series featuring thought-provoking, informative and entertaining presentations by HU faculty and students.

Our previous instalment featured Dr. Nathan Szajnberg as he explained the importance of understanding children’s inner lives, while maintaining it’s a responsibility we must all embrace.

This month, we present a HUJI Talk with Prof. Yuval Shany, vice-president of the Israel Democracy Institute, law professor at Hebrew University, and chairman of the UN Human Rights Committee, as he explores issues around law and cybercrime.

As COVID-19 pushes our lives online more and more, cybercrime has become a critical threat and challenge to society.

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The Laws of War in Cyberspace

Prof. Shany is the program director at The Federmann Cyber Security Research Center, where he and his team research the legal issues and challenges of free speech, hate speech, human enhancement, autonomous cars, cybercrime, online human rights and online surveillance. In this presentation, he explores cybercrime, the cost of which is expected to rise to 6 trillion dollars annually by 2021. Cybersecurity is the 4th largest threat that modern civilization is currently facing. Prof. Shany explains how today’s laws are failing to address that threat, and outlines plans to move forward, including a possible Digital Geneva Convention.

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The Federmann Cyber Security Research Center