Welcome to segment #11 of Hebrew University Speaks, CFHU’s monthly video series featuring thought-provoking, informative and entertaining presentations by HU faculty and students.

Our previous instalment featured Dr. Renana Keydar as she explained her vision for digital humanities: Bringing Justice to Victims of Mass Atrocities.

This month, we present a TEDx Talk with professor of psychoanalysis Dr. Nathan Szajnberg, who shares his fascinating and important work in the realm of children’s inner lives, sparking a “new hope and responsibility for all.”

In this time of COVID-19, where our children are experiencing stresses that they have never experienced before, understanding their inner lives is more important than ever.

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Children’s Inner Lives: A New Hope and Responsibility for All

Born in Germany and raised in the US, Dr. Szajnberg attended college and medical school at the University of Chicago. He was the Freud Professor of Psychoanalysis at the Hebrew University and is the author of several books on development, as well as a recent novel, Jerusaland: An Insignificant Death.

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Interested in Dr. Szajnberg’s writing? Here are links to his books:

Sheba and Solomon's Return: Ethiopian Children in Israel Reluctant Warriors Breathless: Unspoken Words After Death JerusaLand: An Insignificant Death