Welcome to the fifth segment of Hebrew University Speaks, CFHU’s monthly video series featuring thought-provoking, informative and entertaining presentations by HU faculty.

Our previous segment with Prof. Daphna Golan showcased her efforts with Campus-Community Partnership, which creates opportunities for students to contribute to social change and act for social justice in Israel society.

This month’s segment is a look into the future of food, where digital technologies will allow for menu personalization with new flavours and combinations..

Digital Gastronomy: Cooking with Computers

Dr. Amit Zoran, a researcher of the human-computer interface at The Rachel and Selim Benin School of Computer Science and Engineering, with an emphasis on researching creativity and design, says feeding humanity in a sustainable way is humanity’s biggest challenge. His lab is finding solutions to make that happen in innovative ways.

Dr. Zoran sees a revolution that will include digital gastronomy: the integration of digital fabrication technologies into the kitchen to create new options and opportunities for chefs. Imagine a digital recipe for chicken soup that can be personalized just for your taste requirements and needs. The next step in our digital revolution could very well be digital gastronomy.

To learn more about Dr. Zoran, click here for his researcher spotlight on the engineering school’s website.

Click here to visit his personal lab page and explore all the projects he and his team are working on.

Dr. Amit Zoran and lab