Welcome to the fourth segment of Hebrew University Speaks, CFHU’s monthly video series featuring thought-provoking, informative and entertaining presentations by HU faculty.

Our previous segment, with Dr. Oren Ram, Dr. Yossi Buganim, and Prof. Tommy Kaplan, spotlighted their breakthrough in creating an embryo from skin cells — revealing the power of exceptional collaborations at Hebrew U.

This month’s segment is an insightful examination of one of the ways HU improves the community, city and country in which it’s located, while empowering its students to positively change the world.

Learning with Students, Acting for Change

Can a university class contribute to social change? Bringing together students that might never speak to each other in other circumcises, Prof. Daphna Golan is teaching them and learning from them how to change our society for the better. Dr. Golan is the founding director of Campus-Community Partnership. It was established to promote the mutual commitment of institutions of higher education, students, and the community to act for social justice in Israeli society. Based at Hebrew University, the Partnership serves all institutions of higher education in Israel. Dr. Golan teaches community-based human rights and feminism courses at HU’s Faculty of Law.

Prof. Golan’s books include: Next Year in Jerusalem: Everyday Life in a Divided Land; Understanding Campus-Community Partnerships in Conflict Zones; and Inventing Shaka: Using History in the Construction of Zulu Nationalism.