Dr. Itay Gat – Short Bio

Itay graduated from the esteemed Israeli military Talpiyot program, and later served in the IDF research and development corps. He received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Computer Science of the Hebrew University, focusing on brain sciences. Following his army service, as a proud member of the Start-Up Nation, he worked in Israeli Hi-Tech: first in the field of speech processing, and then as a researcher at Compugen, where he led a research group in the area of computational medicine. In 2003 Itay joined Mobileye, where he eventually became senior VP, and shared Mobileye’s dream to make this world a safer place. Throughout the following 15 years, Itay was privileged to work towards making the Advance Driving Assistance Systems an every-day reality. Mobileye achieved what only a few believed possible, becoming the innovative leader in this field: in 2020 alone almost 20 million cars worldwide were equipped with these safety systems, thereby saving lives! Today Mobileye, now an Intel company, is leading the next revolution – Autonomous Driving.

Since his early years, Itay nursed another passion – the love for the land of Israel, its scenery, archeology, wild-life and unique history. He is particularly fascinated by the amazing city in which he lives – Jerusalem – by its history, inhabitants, stones as well as its conflicts. In 2018, with a feeling of accomplishment regarding his role in advancing road safety, he felt he could now embark on a new career as a full time tour guide. In this capacity, he can now fulfill his passion and direct his energy towards conveying this love of the land to Israelis and tourists alike.

Itay is married with three children and lives in Jerusalem. He is a dedicated triathlete and volunteers with the ZAHAL (IDF) Disabled Veterans Organization (Beit Halochem), helping rebuild wounded veterans’ lives through sport.