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Prof. Oded Shoseyov conducts world-leading research in plant molecular biology, protein engineering and nano-biotechnology. He is the inventor or co-inventor of 45 patents and is the scientific founder of 11 companies.

Harnessing nature’s hidden superpowers

What do you get when you combine the strongest materials from the plant world with the most elastic ones from the insect kingdom? Super-performing materials that might transform… everything.

Nanobiotechnologist Oded Shoseyov walks us through examples of amazing materials found throughout nature, in everything from cat fleas to sequoia trees, and shows the creative ways his team is harnessing them in everything from sports shoes to medical implants.


A faculty member of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Shoseyov’s research is in plant molecular biology protein engineering and nano-biotechnology. His group focus on Bio-Inspired Nanocomposite materials. He has authored or co-authored more than 160 scientific publications and is the inventor or co-inventor of 45 patents. Prof. Shoseyov received the Outstanding Scientist Polak Award for 2002, the 1999 and 2010 Kay Award for Innovative and Applied Research and The 2012 Israel Prime Minister Citation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is the scientific founder of 11 companies. Among them are:


Collplant Ltd. An agro-biotech/medical device company producing human recombinant Type I collagen in transgenic plants for tissue repair.

SP Nano

SP Nano Ltd. A nano-biotech company manufacturing SP1-Carbon Nano Tube coated fabrics for the composite industry.


FuturaGene. A forestry agro-biotech company that develop and commercialize transgenic trees for the pulp and paper and the bio-fuel industry.


Melodea Ltd. A nano-biotech company developing and manufacturing Nano Crystaline Cellulose from sludge for structural foam and fuel for combustion and jet engines as well as explosives.

Valentis nanotech

Valentis Nanotech Ltd. A nanotechnology company develops and manufacture nano-bio-based transparent films for food packaging and agriculture.


Bondx Technologies Ltd. BondX is a Biotech Company producing sustainable & environmentally friendly products to replace polluting chemicals in the traditional paper industry.

Paulee CleanTec

Paulee CleanTec Ltd. Paulee CleanTec aims to be the world leader in the collection and disposal of pet waste through its brand AshPoopie, and to branch out to human waste treatment with future products that similarly turn feces into odorless, sterile ash.