Myles understands the personal and academic impact of spending his whole career as a high school student at Gray Academy. He writes in his ethical will, “I consider all of my teachers family and it makes me sad to think about not seeing all of them every day.” Myles is currently enrolled at the University of Manitoba, in his third year studying business.

Myles believes in volunteerism and an indicator of this is his serious involvement in Student Council from grade seven to the completion of grade ten. He also gave his time to BBYO as Chadda’s chapter president last year and this year he served as regional moreh, welcoming and orienting new members. This role was made to order for Myles, someone who reaches out to others with generosity in his heart.

Myles has always had a connection with Hebrew University as his grandparents met at the school in the early 1960’s! Through the Asper Exchange Program, Myles will attend Hebrew University in Jerusalem for the Winter term of 2023.

Myles is the recipient of the Hebrew University Award for one year of studies at the Rothberg International School, Student Ambassador Recognition, Gray Academy Lifer Recognition, Excellence in General Studies and Excellence with Distinction in Judaic Studies.