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MARCH 4, 2019

Two Hebrew University students were among the group of fellows from the ICAN (International Community Action Network) program at McGill University in Montreal who took part in ICAN first-ever event in Toronto. Goni Ketain Meiri and Haya Abu Kishek joined four other ICAN fellows, from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan and Syria at the special evening at Parallel Restaurant which specializes in Middle Eastern food.

Held in early March in association with the New Israel Fund and CFHU, the dinner event included a panel discussion with the fellows. Moderated by Joe Allen, former Canadian Ambassador to Israel, the discussion focused on the importance of social justice in helping build strong, healthy and tolerant communities among people of diversity.

ICAN Executive Director Dr. Amal El-Sana Alhjooj, an Israeli Bedouin community leader now based in Montreal, was the host of the event whose aim was to expand the organization’s network in Toronto and establish new partnerships. ICAN is looking to strengthen its collaboration with CFHU, which includes a joint fellowship program between ICAN-McGill and Hebrew University.