Boaz Gaon and Ido AharoniOn December 6, Ambassador Ido Aharoni welcomed Boaz Gaon, CEO and Founder of Wisdo, an award-winning social health platform that provides users encountering life’s challenges and meaningful events with personalized peer wisdom, coaching, and interventions.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Wisdo has become a best practice solution for reducing loneliness and increasing social support, by proactively and predictively “matching” people with helpful others who’ve “been there” or are “there now”, within 10 seconds and less. Wisdo’s matches and algorithms reduce Perceived Social Isolation by 70% within 2 weeks of using the app.

Boaz founded Wisdo after losing his father to cancer and witnessing up close – how unnecessarily impossible it is in times of need to find someone who ticks all three boxes: someone who’s helpful, relevant, and instantly available.

Previous to Wisdo, Boaz was a celebrated journalist and social activist. Today, parallel to Wisdo, Boaz continues his career as a playwright and novelist.