University of Toronto and Hebrew University

Advancing global research and knowledge through collaboration

The University of Toronto-Hebrew University of Jerusalem Research & Innovation Alliance is an initiative that builds on a decades old history of collaboration and paves the way for Canada’s and Israel’s top universities to join forces as global hubs for talent; creating cutting edge research and developing innovative startups, this alliance also offers opportunities for students to learn from each other in joint doctoral programs.

By combining expertise and resources we are able to answer bigger and more complex scientific questions and expand the breadth of research in myriad areas.

Currently in its second year, this visionary program encompasses a wide array of disciplines supporting winning projects in all areas of Medicine and Science, as well as the Humanities, Law and Social Work.

The inaugural projects included research in Geology and Protein Engineering and while the aim has been to fund two projects a year, last year given the pandemic a third project was added to include research around COVID-19.

Urban Evolution

This year we are looking forward to two new projects; Models of Urban Evolution that will bring together researchers and students from multiple disciplines with a common interest in understanding how and why cities and communities grow and change, and in integrating this knowledge into policy and practice. The second project examines how hate speech is emboldened and proliferated online. This area of research, titled The Mainstreaming of Polarizing and Hate Narratives, is extremely important and timely, given the rise of online Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism.

The Hebrew University remains a globally sought out partner for research and academic exchange; these partnerships are a vital part of Israeli ecosystem and help lead the way for discovery in service to our entire planet.  This robust alliance, in particular, also serves as a model of positive collaboration amidst present-day issues of concern.

Please consider being a part of our historical undertakings – step up to the future and show your support!  For further information, please call Debbie Dankoff at 514-932-2133 or Merle Goldman at 416-485-8000, ext. 118.