Standing Strong: The Hebrew University Allocates 100 Minutes to Identify with and Support the Hostages and Their Families, Marking 100 Days in Hamas Captivity"

[Jerusalem, Israel] – Today, Sunday, January 14th, the Hebrew University held a rally today for the return of the hostages, to mark 100 days since their abduction and captivity by Hamas. The rally emphasizes the Hebrew University’s commitment to the hostages and their families, until they return home safely.

On each of the four campuses of the Hebrew University: Mount Scopus, Safra (Givat Ram), Ein Kerem and Rehovot, a solidarity rally was held with the families of the hostages, in which the deans of the faculties and representatives of the families of the hostages gave speeches. At the end of the rally, 100 yellow balloons were released to mark the 100 days, representing the hope for the quick and safe return of the hostages to their homes and family.

Prof. Asher Cohen, President of the Hebrew University, expressed, “Over the past 100 days, our hearts ached along with our families and friends, mourning those who won’t return and holding onto hope for our loved ones held hostage in Gaza. This challenging period confronts Israel not only with the atrocities of October 7th but also with the ongoing pain of Israeli men, women, and children held hostage, including a young toddler not yet a year old. Urging the Israeli government and the international community, we implore all necessary actions to ensure their swift and safe return home.”

Shai Dickman, Carmel Gat’s cousin, a graduate student in occupational therapy who was abducted in Gaza, emphasized, “100 days. 100 days in which Carmel is alive, but in what condition? Breathing, what percentage of oxygen? She is – but not here with us. 100 days in which the heart is not quiet, the moral order is being violated, and the concern is growing. But I have hope. Some families can still have a happy ending. Carmel and over 100 abductees who are still there must return to us. I hope Carmel knows that we will bring her back. I hope that, like us, Carmel has hope. 100 days that Carmel is alive, and every day is a danger of death. We must take advantage of every opportunity to bring the abductees home before it’s too late.”