Spotlight on Hebrew University's Faculty of Humanities

We are pleased to showcase some of the innovative teaching, learning, and research taking place in our Faculty of Humanities of the Hebrew University.

You will encounter some of the stellar faculty and scholars who uniquely contribute to our efforts to shed light on civilizations past and present, through the study of history, language, literature, religion, philosophy, and art.

You’ll enjoy an interview with Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, whose renowned bestsellers surfaced while teaching his course within our faculty. You’ll learn of our very own Dr. Orly Lewis, whose digital humanities research is breathing new life into ancient medical texts through innovative technology and 3-D design. Finally, we’ll introduce you to Dr. Rebekka Grossman, a postdoctoral scholar who began her path at HUJI as a PhD researcher focusing on photography in mandate Palestine.

Prof. Nissim Otmazgin
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Hebrew University
Professor of Japanese studies, focusing on the culture and politics of Japan

HUJI's Faculty of Humanities in Numbers
  • 200+ faculty members
  • 2,400 students
  • 360 PhD students
  • 120 postdoc students
  • 80 international visiting faculty annually
  • 27 departments
  • 8 institutes
  • 28 BA degrees
  • 30 MA degrees
  • 1200+ courses (100+ in English)
  • 33 languages of study
  • 18 academic journals
  • 18 ERC grants
  • Ranked 9th globally in Religion (QS)
  • Ranked 69th in Times Higher Ed Ranking for Arts & Humanities
  • 150+ exchange partners

Publications of Faculty Researchers
Faculty of Humanities Publications

We invite you to read and enjoy various publications of our researchers and faculty members.

Face to Face with Prof. Yuval Noah Harari
Prof. Yuval Noah Harari

A thought-provoking conversation with Prof. Yuval Noah Harari, bestselling author of Sapiens, on the challenges faced by higher education and the skills graduates will need for tomorrow’s global job market.

Enjoy the read here >>>

A Digital Leap into Classical Antiquity

HUJI researcher Dr. Orly Lewis and her team are breaking through the textual boundaries of ancient anatomical writings and offering the humanities something entirely new.

Learn more about what they do here >>>

Postdoc Spotlight: Dr. Rebekka Grossmann
Dr. Rebekka Grossmann

Follow the scholarly journey of Dr. Rebekka Grossman, and discover how her postdoctoral research in photographic history is shining a spotlight on a field novel to HUJI’s Faculty of Humanities.

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