Hebrew U is keeping Buzzy!

At a time of a growing concern over the global problem of bee decline, Hebrew University is a leader in bee research. The mysterious, sudden disappearance of bees matters greatly, far beyond their making of honey. Bees are key to food production because they pollinate crops.

Established in 1976, the innovative B. Triwaks Bee Research Center is part of the university’s department of Entomology, Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment.

The center focuses on studying the decision-making processes of bees from a multidisciplinary perspective, combining tools and ideas from behavioral ecology, cognitive psychology and economics. The center also maintains collaborations with the apicultural and pollination communities, and seeks to implement research techniques to solve problems in these fields.

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As you celebrate the New Year with the sweet creation from bees – namely, honey – think of the work being done at HU and consider making a donation by clicking HERE!