Dear Friends,

Now in the third week of an unfathomable time, we want to share with you more ways the Hebrew University is demonstrating resilience and the power of community.


Check in with some Hebrew University Faculty members to see how research continues.

Prof. Yael Mishael
Prof. Menachem Moshelion
Prof. Hermona Soreq

A joint initiative at the Faculty of Agriculture Student Union and academic and administrative staff to assist farmers in the South. They volunteered to pick fruit in a pomegranate orchard south of Ashkelon, between Bat Hadar and Moshav Mivkaim.

Prof. Yael Helmen, Faculty of Agriculture, Food & The Environment, speaks from Meshek Dafna, near Bat Hadar.
Prof. Benny Chefetz, Director, Center for Sustainable Food Systems, speaks from the small settlement of Yated, 2 miles from the Gaza border, volunteering to save the harvest.
and some good news... A WEDDING ON CAMPUS!

Rotem, a medical student, and Jordan, a computer science and cognition student, were married a few days ago at the Edmond J. Safra Campus. Both students are currently serving in the reserves. The groom’s parents got married in Givat Ram about 40 years ago when they were chemistry students.

As Hebrew University faculty, students, and staff continue to contribute to Israel and her people, from serving on the frontlines to collecting donations to harvesting the crops, it is our responsibility to stand united and provide desperately needed support.

We are grateful for your friendship.

We Are One.

WE ARE ONE. Comfort in Community. Strength in Solidarity. SUPPORT THE HEBREW UNIVERSITY OF JERUSALEM.