This year, more than ever, let us draw inspiration from the Haggadah’s enduring message of hope, freedom and perseverance. The idea that it’s possible to move from slavery to freedom and from darkness to light and from despair to hope is the greatest Jewish story ever told. The Jewish people’s resilience promises brighter days ahead – let us hold fast to the belief that a hopeful future awaits us all.

Yet while we celebrate with our families and friends, we cannot forget the 133 hostages held by Hamas, including Carmel Gat, a cherished Hebrew University student, and Sagui Dekel-Chen, the beloved son of one of HU’s faculty members. We must not let their plight fade into the background. May the coming days bring news of hope and reunion.

Wishing you and your family a Pesach Sameach filled with hope, faith and blessings.

Please watch the attached two meaningful videos – one from the Hebrew University about the hostages and the second about Rami’s experience in Israel post October 7.