How Judeo-Arabic Literature and Culture Shaped Judaism as We Know It

Dr. Miriam Goldstein is the Chair of the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her research focuses on medieval Judeo-Arabic literature and interreligious relations among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the medieval Arabic-speaking world. She is the author of Karaite Exegesis in Medieval Jerusalem (Tübingen, 2011) and editor of Beyond religious borders: Interaction and intellectual exchange in the medieval Islamic world (Philadelphia, 2011), as well as numerous articles on Arabic and Judeo-Arabic literature.

Dr. Goldstein was introduced by Dr. Paula Fredriksen, historian of ancient Christianity, recipient of an Honourary Doctorate from Hebrew University, the William Goodwin Aurelio Chair Emerita of the Appreciation of Scripture at Boston University, and a visiting professor of comparative religion at Hebrew University.

The slides from the presentation are in a gallery below the webinar recording.