The Hebrew University’s Human Resources Division, the Dean of Students, and the Marketing Division are proud to present what the Hebrew University has been doing to help the community during these challenging times.

  1. Harvesting produce, picking crops, and helping farmers in other ways.
  2. Holding webinars and lectures to strengthen our community’s resilience.
  3. Hosting children from Sderot on the Edmond J. Safra campus and helping them resume their studies.
  4. Sent dinner coupons to employees serving in the reserves or whose partners have been called up.
  5. With help from the computer unit, 425 computers were donated to children evacuated from the north and south.
  6. Volunteers called 2,100 retired employees to ask how they were doing. They were very touched by the call!
  7. We hosted in our classrooms students whose schools lack safe rooms.
  8. The Youth Division is holding a range of scientific and experiential activities for the children of employees and children from the south.
  9. Hosting people evacuated from the south, reservists, and medical staff at Beit Maiersdorf, Beit Bretter, the dormitories, the Rehovot campus, and the Inter-university Institute for Marine Sciences in Eilat. The University has also organized meals, laundry, entertainment, clothing and games, and even celebrated a Bar Mitzva! This was made possible by the Workers’ Union, the Dean of Students, the Diversity Unit, and our employees.
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