We are very pleased to announce CFHU’s Scholarship Recipient for Winter 2024

Shayla Brewer from Vancouver was awarded a scholarship from the Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund to complete her Master’s degree at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Shayla Brewer

Dear Donors of The Allen Zysblat Memorial Scholarship Fund,

I am immensely grateful for your ongoing financial support for my Master’s program in International Development with the Glocal Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Your generosity has lightened the financial burden of my education and allowed me to focus on my studies. Thank you for your support.

During my time in Glocal, I have embarked on a transformative journey of learning and personal growth. My time in Israel has fostered a profound sense of connection—to my Jewish identity, to the land itself, and to the diverse communities that inhabit the region.

My time living in Jerusalem talking with the diverse locals and my international cohort in Glocal has broadened my perspective, making me feel more connected to the global community and instilling in me a sense of being a citizen of the world.

One of the most rewarding experiences has been my involvement in supporting the Bedouin community in Rahat. I have the privilege of serving as their application writer for a UNESCO application aimed at safeguarding and revitalizing Bedouin music, poetry, and traditional instruments in the Negev. This opportunity, stemming from one of my Glocal courses, has allowed me to witness firsthand the resilience and cultural heritage of this community within Israel.

Looking ahead, I am passionate about continuing to work collaboratively with communities to develop sustainable solutions to the challenges they face. My time at Glocal has provided me with the knowledge to advocate for participatory approaches in international development, where communities are empowered to shape their own futures with support and collaboration from practitioners. I envision a career dedicated to bridging the gap between policy and practice, ensuring that marginalized voices are heard and respected in decision-making processes.

As I approach the completion of my degree, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to foster my personal growth, Jewish identity in Israel alongside my academic pursuits. I am deeply appreciative to have been a recipient of The Allen Zysblat Memorial
Scholarship Fund
, honoring Professor Allen Zysblat’s legacy through my academic pursuits and beyond. Thank you once again for your invaluable support.

Much gratitude,

Shayla Brewer

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