Publisher Edmond Bourque and his team are proud to launch a special issue of ENTREPRENDRE magazine about women’s leadership, as seen by 100 women leaders in Quebec.

How do Monette Malewski, Monique Leroux, France Chrétien Desmarais, Nataly Savoie, Mélanie Kau, Lise Watier, Francoise L. Lyon, Sonia Corriveau and Céline Rousseau, as well as Louise Arbor, Julie Payette, Valérie Plante, Liza Frula, Nathalie Bondil and Sophie Grégoire Trudeau each exercise their leadership in their personal domains? How does each manage their team? What kind of boss are they? In short, what is the leadership style of these women?

We asked the question to 100 leading women entrepreneurs and managers from Quebec, from a variety of backgrounds, including the economic and financial world. They responded with great transparency. No waffling, not even among the politicians!

Are women leaders more emotional? Yes, and they own it! Less confident in themselves? Sometimes, and they work to overcome it! All of these testimonials make up the fascinating portrait of Quebec-style leadership that stands out. And if it exists, it’s because these women are part of it, with their skills, their demeanours and their courage.

This issue of Entreprendre will present a unique panorama of female leadership in Quebec, bringing it to the attention of the public at large.