Experiences That Give Back

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Every year, students, faculty, and the world at large benefit from those who choose to give back, and share their experiences with CFHU.

Their stories are far-reaching and offer real-world perspectives that span all facets of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, from the university’s comprehensive curriculum to the overarching goals set out by its governing bodies. Their collective wisdom not only serves to inspire students, it motivates us all to make the world a better place.

Join The CFHU Team

We invite anyone who wants to make a difference to join us in our mission. By aligning our shared goals, we have the power to change lives and put Hebrew University at the forefront of educational leadership.

Partner With Us

When shared visions come together, anything is possible. We’re proud to represent an organization that is open to joining forces to promote the goals of CFHU and Hebrew U. Discover how those who have partnered with CFHU have benefitted from our expansive network and exclusive access.

Spread Your Knowledge

Our events give individuals the rare opportunity to speak to audiences that have the power to change the world. Let us show you how we put those interested in making a real difference at centre stage.

Experience Israel And Hebrew U

We invite you to experience firsthand what it means to support CFHU. A trip to Israel gives donors the rare opportunity to see our impact on the world and meet those responsible for disseminating knowledge for the betterment of mankind. It would be our pleasure to customize a personalized trip and to host this potential life-changing experience.

Alumni Association

Those with firsthand experience have the chance to share their knowledge through our Alumni Association. Past graduates can leverage the time spent at the university and share it with those just beginning their journey. Their perspectives are invaluable to up-and-coming CFHU students.