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This Film Screening, Talkback, and the Legacy of October 7th Victim Yahav Winner will run on Thursday, April 25, 1:00 – 2:00 PM ET, 10:00 – 11:00 AM PT.

In this profoundly moving program, we will be screening the Israeli short film “The Boy”, the final film by October 7th victim Yahav Winner, and be joined by his widow, Shaylee Atary, for a Q&A about the film.

The Boy

The Boy” tells the story of an Israeli father and son living next to the Gaza Strip and how they handled an approaching war. It was a deeply personal project for Winner.

Yahal Winner
Yahal Winner

In his words, “I was born in Kibbutz Kfar Aza in 1986, the eldest son of two urban parents who chose to come to a Kibbutz to fulfill the dream of a house with a garden. My father decided to give me the name Yahav, meaning security, hope. From the moment I was born, I felt the yoke of God on my shoulders, because in my head, there were dreams, reflections, and high sensitivities that made me cry from almost every situation.”

There was no way for Winner to know that this would be his final film.

We hope you can join us for this special screening and talkback. The Q&A portion of this program will be recorded, so you can sign up even if you can’t join live.

Shaylee Atary and her late husband Yahav Winner
Shaylee Atary and her late husband Yahav Winner

Shaylee Atary is an Israeli film creator, director, actress, and singer. She served in the IDF in the Education and Youth Corps Band. She is a graduate of the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music and a graduate of the Nissan Nativ Acting Studio. Her debut as an actress was in 2015 when she played Anat in the series “Zagori Empire”. Later that year she played Yael in the series “Johnny and the Knights of Galilee”.

Yahav Winner was an Israeli filmmaker, actor, producer, and cinematographer. He was murdered in the Kfar Aza massacre on October 7th by Hamas terrorists while distracting them and allowing his wife and their newborn daughter to escape. He was a loving husband to his partner and best friend of 13 years, and a wonderful father to his daughter and family.

The connection between Shaylee Atary and her late husband, Yahav Winner, extends beyond their personal relationship. Both were deeply immersed in the world of cinema, and their creative pursuits were intertwined, reflecting a shared passion for the art of filmmaking. This shared commitment to their craft added a unique dimension to their relationship and their impact on the world of cinema.

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