HU Webinar: Future of Food - Growing Seafood In The Lab

Join us on Monday, April 8th to hear from Prof. Yaniv Elkouby about how the startup Forsea Foods will help save our aquatic ecosystems and bring us the food of the future.


Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research
Institute for Biomedical Research – Israel-Canada (IMRIC)

Prof. Yaniv Elkouby is a professor at the School of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Prof. Elkouby established the zebrafish ovary as a new model system to study the cellular mechanisms of ovary development and early egg production. His research employs a multidisciplinary approach to the developing ovary, and he pioneered the view of egg production by advanced quantitative and live microscopy of whole ovaries. His research resulted in several breakthroughs that contributed to our understanding of the earliest stages of egg production, generating knowledge that is directly relevant to human reproduction. He has won numerous grants and awards, including the ZCAI Prize for Discovery in Medical Research, HUJI President and Rector Awards for Outstanding Publications, an ERC Consolidator grant, and the EMBO Young Investigator Award. Prof. Elkouby is an elected board member of the Israeli Society of Developmental Biology, and a co-founder of Forsea Foods, a start-up company for the production of cultivated fish meat.