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Are you aware of someone who would be interested in discovering the incredible programs Hebrew University has to offer? We invite you to join Hebrew University’s 2023-2024 Digital Open Day on July 9th at 11 am EST and 8 am PST.

At Hebrew University, you can explore diverse fields, shaping your future through cutting-edge research, engaging teaching, and innovative approaches. Discover new horizons and unleash your potential with our wide range of academic programs. Limited spots are available in the graduate and postgraduate programs, with exciting scholarships.

​Imagine Jerusalem as your second home, surrounded by a diverse international community. Uncover new horizons, forge lifelong friendships, and indulge in adventures – Summer is here in Jerusalem, infusing the city with energy and warmth. Enjoy Tel Aviv’s beaches in 40 mins or the enchantment of the Dead Sea in 20 mins.

Join our digital open day, hear from international students, meet program heads, and explore exceptional Master’s and PhD programs.

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Digital Open Day
July 9 • 11 am EST and 8 am PST
International Graduate and Postgraduate Programs

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CFHU (Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University) also provides numerous scholarships to assist you in your pursuit of studying at the globally renowned Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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