An Important Message from our Community’s Rabbis:
“Unite For Light”

May a new light shine on Zion and may we all be worthy of its light.

As the horrific attacks by Hamas on October 7 have become a full-scale war with Israel defending its citizens from terror aggression, we are keenly aware of the ripples of antisemitism and threats of violence here in Vancouver. We have watched, heard, and in some cases experienced first-hand the anger and hatred directed at members of our community. On our campuses, at our rallies, in our Jewish-identifying businesses, and for many in personal and professional relationships, Jew-hatred and antisemitism have reached terrifying and unprecedented levels.

As we confront the reality of this “oldest hatred”, we must, as a community, rise above the violence and vitriol. We must not be brought down to the level of haters who deface posters of hostages, and who threaten us at our rallies and marches. We must strive to be better than the very thing that we are standing against. We continue to strongly recommend that you do not engage with counter-protesters during the rallies and marches.

As we stand in defense of our people, Eretz Yisrael, and our values of justice and righteousness we must never forget that as Jews we are called to be a Or L’goyim; a moral light unto all the nations of the world. It will take all of us working together, upholding this essential Jewish Value to defeat antisemitism, bring our hostages home, and ensure that Israel is safe and secure for generations to come.

To demonstrate the justness of our cause we invite our friends – Jewish and non-Jewish alike — to join us for “Unite For Light”, a rally and The Silber Family Agam Menorah lighting on December 7, 2023 at 5:30 pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Together we will be standing against terrorism and hate, calling for the return of the hostages, and uniting with our community here in Vancouver. If everyone brings someone to the Menorah Lighting and Rally, our city and the nation will see the bright light of peace and solidarity that is the true heart of the Vancouver community.