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Hebrew University’s alumni work for respected think tanks, museums, NGOs, embassies, hospitals, media outlets, universities, and more –
all around the world.


Esther Schlesinger
Manager of CFHU Alumni Relations
Phone: (416) 485-8000

Connecting with your fellow alumni is a valuable experience for you — a great way to rekindle old friendships and begin new ones, enjoy opportunities for continued learning and find new avenues for professional success. Our active, thriving alumni network is also a valuable asset for the university, strengthening Hebrew U’s presence at home and abroad.


Was your time at Hebrew U an experience you’ll never forget? Best friends, lifelong friendships, romances, marriages and career choices resulting from your time spent studying in Jerusalem? We want to reconnect with all of you and want to:

  • Keep you up to date with what’s going on at Hebrew U
  • Inform you of upcoming national and local events that may be of interest to you
  • Get you involved with Alumni and Friends fun events in your cities
  • Share your accomplishments with other HU Alumni
  • Help you plan class reunions for your year at Hebrew U
  • Expand your professional network and help you interact with your fellow alumni

Donate to the student Scholarship Fund

The CFHU sends hundreds of Canadian students to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem each year and strives to provide those in need with financial assistance. The recent launch of our Alumni Campaign comes with the goal of raising funds for future Canadian students who wish to study at the Hebrew University.

With international fees much higher than domestic costs, many students are not able to shoulder the cost of studying in Jerusalem. For this reason, we are asking our alumni, former scholarship recipients, parents, and friends of our institution to help students who have achieved academic excellence to enrich their academic experience by studying under some of Israel’s best and brightest professors.

Stay Connected

Please like us, follow us and join us on social media to learn about upcoming events, connect with other alumni and share photos and stories of your time at the Hebrew University!

Your CFHU Alumni National Chair

Lorne Persiko is a proud Hebrew U alumnus and a member of CFHU’s National Board of Directors. Lorne would agree that his year spent at Hebrew U was one of the most memorable of his life. He has been involved with CFHU Alumni for over 25 years and has always been committed to helping other students fulfill their dreams of studying at this world-renowned university. Lorne co-chairs the Madness Tournaments Committee with Michael Kraft, another Hebrew U alumnus who was Lorne’s roommate at Rothberg back in 1983.