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Reflections on My Time at Hebrew University

By Judy Rasky, Toronto

Judy Rasky in IsraelAfter my first year at the University of Toronto, I knew I wanted to study one year abroad to experience university life in a different setting with new people and places. Through friends I heard about the One Year Program for Overseas Students at Hebrew University.

I had previously been to Israel for short trips and knew I loved the country. The One Year Program was a perfect fit for what I was seeking – study and live in the most incredible country for a year and travel as well.

During the program, I made friends with many amazing students from all over the world, travelled the country from sea to sea literally, ate incredible food, enjoyed Shabbat in the Holy Land and established a deeper connection with the Israeli people and the country itself.

I have the fondest memories of my year at Hebrew U and it feels like I was just there. I know I was fortunate to have that experience and always look back with love.

I’d also like to add another lasting impact it had. It was ultimately through the Toronto Hebrew U group I met my husband, Harvey, and, of course, that changed my life forever.

  • Judy is currently Advertising Sales Representative/Retail Sales/Community Connector at Lululemon Athletica in Toronto

Judy Rasky and Harvey