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Reflections on My Time at Hebrew University

Elisheva Paton, Toronto

I came to Hebrew U for the One Year Program in 91-92 after the Gulf War, and had such a positive experience that I decided to make Aliyah the following year and finish my BA at Hebrew U.

Elisheva Paton

I had two really good reasons to attend: My sister Jennifer had attended the OYP in 82 and had a great experience and she and my other sister Miriam were actually living in Israel at the time.

As a student at Hebrew U, I fully immersed myself in Israeli culture and student life, and it is a memorable period of my life that I will never forget. It was my first opportunity to live away from home, and during this time, I immensely improved my Hebrew language skills and understanding of Israeli society. After completing my BA at Hebrew U, I returned to Toronto for law school, and shortly after graduating, returned again to live in Israel for 11 years.

Elisheva Paton

My years at Hebrew U enabled me to work at a very high level of Hebrew in law firms and in a prestigious venture capital fund in Israel. I look back very fondly on those years and highly recommend this experience to all North Americans so they can experience Israel in all its beauty, and get to know Israeli life and people in a unique way that would otherwise be impossible merely as a tourist.

  • Elisheva is a lawyer and a Senior Director, Shareholder Advisory at SRS Acquiom
Elisheva Paton