100 Alumni We Love - Faith Kaplan

Reflections on my time at HU

By Faith Kaplan, Winnipeg

I fell in love with Israel on a family trip in 1978. I was determined to return as soon as possible, and enrolled in the Mechina program for foreign students for my first year of university. I was in Israel from April 1979 through August 1980, travelling, working on Kibbutz Ein Hanatsiv, and studying on Mt Scopus. Having graduated from Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate in Winnipeg, my Hebrew was fluent (if somewhat Biblical). By the end of my Mechina year, I was a passionate Zionist, dreaming in perfect Hebrew, and determined to become an Israeli citizen.

I returned to Winnipeg, married Hart Kaplan, completed a Commerce Degree and started my Marketing career. I re-established my association with Hebrew U through CHFU Winnipeg Chapter’s Business and Professional Division in the late 1980s. As my children grew up, my volunteer focus shifted from Israel based organizations to local Jewish agencies. I returned to CFHU as President of the Winnipeg Chapter in 2010-2012 when my children were finishing high school. During my involvement, the Winnipeg Chapter created a partnership between the University of Manitoba and HU to support Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder research at IMRIC and the Mishpatim summer course for Canadian law students.

My year in Israel cemented my family’s connection to Israel and the Jewish people. Our children have travelled and volunteered extensively in Israel, and have very close ties with Israeli family and friends. My Hebrew remains fluent, and Hart and I visit Israel as often as possible. We still hope to make aliyah.

  • Faith is currently VP Business Transformation at Western Scrap Metals in Winnipeg.