The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

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The Hebrew University - Ranked among the top academic and research institutions worldwide, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is Israel's leading university and premier research institution. Serving 23,000 students from 70 countries, the Hebrew University produces a third of Israel’s civilian research and is ranked 12th worldwide in biotechnology patent filings and commercial development. The Hebrew University was founded in 1918 by visionaries including Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Martin Buber and Chaim Weizmann. It is located on three campuses in Jerusalem and a fourth in Rehovot.


The Hebrew University was founded in 1918 and opened its doors officially  in 1925, is Israel's premier university as well as its leading research institution.  The Hebrew University is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world and first among Israeli universities.

The recognition the Hebrew University has attained confirms its reputation for excellence and its leading role in the scientific community.  It stresses excellence and offers a wide array of study opportunities in the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences and medicine.  The university encourages multi-disciplinary activities in Israel and overseas and serves as a bridge between academic research and its social and industrial applications.

Chaim Weizmann, Albert Einstein, Martin Buber and Sigmund Freud were among the University's founders leaders, thinkers, and humanitarians whose genius inspired their vision of a great university whose mission would have no limits or borders. The founding charter declared that the Institution would be open to every qualified man and woman irrespective of religion, race or nationality.

Today the Hebrew University has 6 campuses, 7 faculties, 14 schools, 23,000 students, 1,000 senior faculty members and boasts 8 Nobel Prize and 1 Fields Medal in mathematics winners.

The University has played an integral role in Israel's first 65 years. Through the Canadian Friends, your support will help the Hebrew University strengthen Israel and world Jewry for the next 65 years.

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Research Highlights

Hebrew University researchers figure at the forefront of international science - from biotechnology and computer science to astrophysics and cancer research, from microbiology to solar energy and genetic engineering, as well as he humanities, including Jewish studies, social sciences and law.

  • Nearly 40% of all civilian scientific research in Israel is conducted a the Hebrew University.
  • About 3,800 research projects are in progress at the University, and 1,500 new projects are started each year.
  • The University is home to 100 subject-related and interdisciplinary research centres.
  • 30% of all doctoral candidates in Israel are enrolled at the Hebrew University.
  • 16% of all the research conducted at the University finds application in high-tech industry. 

The Yissum Research Develpment Company of the Hebrew University is 15th in the world in the number of patents registered.  Yissum is responsible for marketing the technology and scientific innovations generated by Hebrew University research and students. To date it has registered  over 7,000 patents for 2,023 inventions, more then 600 of these patents have been commercialized, and products manufactured on the basis of the patents are sold at over $2 billion a year.  Yissum`s portfolio boasts 72 companies established on the background of inventions developed by Hebrew University researchers.  

Particularly outstanding developments include the drugs Exelon used to treat Alzheimer’s patients and Doxil for use in ovarian cancer; a cherry tomato variety with a particularly long and excellent shelf life; and Mobileye, a “computer-vision” vehicle collision warning and driver safety system.

The Authority for Research and Development administers research financing, and helps scientists obtain funding.  The Authority initiates the establishment of new research centres, and promotes relationships with overseas universities and scientific institutes.

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