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MARCH 6, 2019

On March 6, 2019, Hebrew University’s Albert Einstein Archives revealed a treasure trove of 110 Einstein manuscripts, most of which were previously unpublished. Recently acquired from a collector in the United States, the documents include 84 sheets of mathematical derivations, a handwritten appendix to an article on the Unified Theory, a letter from Einstein to his son and four letters to his lifelong friend and fellow scientist, Michele Besso. Einstein, who died in 1955, was a co-founder of Hebrew University. He bequeathed his personal and scientific writings to the university, which led to the creation of the Albert Einstein Archives

This short gallery shows the Appendix to Einstein’s 1930 Unified Theory; Einstein’s letter to his son Hans Albert in 1935; Einstein’s letter to Michele Besso in 1951; a photo of Einstein with Besso; a photo of Einstein with his son and grandson; and a photo of Karen Cortell Reisman’s grandparents Lina and Julius Kocherthaler with Einstein.