Albert Einstein - Transcending Time - speakers

On October 7, The America-Israel Friendship League presented a discussion about the living legacy of Albert Einstein, in honour of the upcoming launch of a new digital platform designed for students, parents, teachers, and broad audiences. Featured were two science and education experts who co-serve on the Einstein: Visualize the Impossible Advisory Board:

  • Professor Hanoch Gutfreund, Former President of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, current academic head of the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University; and
  • Dr. Margaret Honey, President & CEO, New York Hall of Science

The webinar was moderated by Wayne Firestone, a global nonprofit leader and CEO of DC based International Lifeline fund, formerly President of the Genesis Prize Foundation and formerly President and CEO of Hillel.

Among the questions the panel explored were:

  • What did Einstein see that others did not?
  • What is the most cherished document in the Einstein Archives?
  • What does Einstein’s legacy contribute to how we might think about STEM education?
  • What differentiates passionate learners?

The slides that Prof. Gutfreund presented are available below the webinar recording.