Thanks to a partnership between the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University and the Daughters for Life Foundation (DFL), two new scholars are studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Meet Farah and Ni’mati!

Farah’s Story:

Farah Qadi

Farah Qadi

Challenging the Stigma Around Mental Health

Thanks to the partnership and support of the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University and the DFL, Farah Qadi will be pursuing her Master’s Degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she will be studying Nonprofit Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector. She recently graduated from Birzeit University after completing her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature with double minors in Translation and Business Administration.

For Farah, mental health is extremely important. She says that one of her biggest achievements has been overcoming mental illness, and having the courage to talk about it. She says she would like to end the stigma around mental health and provide support to others who may be struggling. “Almost everyone I know has some sort of mental illness. It’s important to talk about it and end the stigma”.

Farah says growing up, she faced a lot of adversity and self-doubt, but despite this, still worked hard and made the Honour’s List last semester. Today, Farah says she feels confident and has new dreams and goals. Once she completes her Master’s Degree, Farah is considering pursuing a PH.D., and hopes to open her own nonprofit organization to empower Palestinian women. We are so proud of her for overcoming the obstacles she was faced with, and look forward to seeing all she will achieve at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Ni’mati’s Story:

Ni’mati Dmeiry

Ni’mati Dmeiry

How One Scholar Hopes to Make a Difference for Women through NGO’s

Ni’mati Dmeiry is originally from Jerusalem, and will be pursuing her Master’s Degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Fall 2021 with the help of DFL. She will be studying Nonprofit Leadership and Management, with the expected graduation date of September 2022. Ni’mati is very grateful for her scholarship because a Master’s Degree will help prepare her for a career in project management at an NGO.

Prior to her Master’s, Ni’mati completed her BA at Birzeit University, where she studied German with a minor in Business Administration. One of her biggest challenges was being able to pay her university tuition, but with hard work and perseverance, she continued to be on the Honour List, which allowed her tuition fees to be waved. Ni’mati also recently completed an internship at the German Parliament, where she learned more about European values, democracy, and freedom.

Ni’mati says open-mindedness and inclusivity are important qualities for her. “Being open-minded, respectful of all religions and nationalities, is extremely important in today’s world”. She is also very passionate about women’s rights and gender equality. Living in a society where women are not given their basic rights, she hopes to be able to one day make a difference.

Daughters For Life FoundationA Meaningful Partnership

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, the CFHU and DFL are able to provide financial scholarships for women living in the Middle East, from marginalized communities, who are often underrepresented in graduate education, to attend the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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