Decoding EntrepreneursThis month, the Decoding Entrepreneurs podcast invited CFHU National Chair Monette Malewski to be its featured guest. In a far-ranging, enlightening interview with host Tomas Schmidt, Monette gives a candid look at how she’s achieved success in the professional world and some of the challenges she’s had to overcome in her private life.
She also shares with listeners the motivation driving her volunteer involvement and leadership role with CFHU, Hebrew University and the Genius 100 initiative that has brought together 100 global visionaries and thought leaders to better the world.
To listen to an excerpt from the in-depth and engaging conversation between Monette and Tomas, click on the play button below.

Decoding Entrepreneurs: Monette Malewski

If you would like to download or listen to the complete and unabridged 1hr 19min interview with Monette, please click here.