Lenny and Faigel Shapiro

Lenny Shapiro expands his scholarship program at Hebrew University

TORONTO, July 21, 2020 – In the latest initiative in Lenny Shapiro’s already storied philanthropic career, the Calgary resident has announced he and his wife Faigel are expanding their scholarship program at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. As part of a new five-year commitment, the couple is increasing the number of awards they will be giving to students pursuing their university studies after completing their mandatory service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are also upping the value of each award.

A strong believer in the concept of tzedakah, the Jewish term for the ethical obligation of charitable support, Lenny has an impressive record of donating generously to non-profit organizations in both Canada and Israel. He has long supported students at HU, having provided scholarships to hundreds of students over the years.

This month, Lenny decided to make a substantial donation to be used over the next five years for scholarships for students who have served in the IDF. To add to the impact, Canadian Friends of Hebrew University (CFHU) and Hebrew University will be matching a portion of Mr. Shapiro’s contribution.

At the heart of this action is Lenny’s longstanding respect and appreciation for those who risk their lives in defense of Israel.

“I’m in love with the soldiers,” says Lenny. “They put their lives on the line. Many have lost friends in battle. For those that then go on to study at Hebrew University who I can help, I feel they’re like my family. I see myself as being like a grandfather for them. Their needs are my needs, and I’m so pleased to do what I can to help them get their degree as they make their way through life.”

At CFHU, there’s great appreciation that Lenny has shared his passion for Hebrew University with the next generation in his family. One of his daughters, Robin Murphy, is a valuable member of CFHU’s National Board.

Born in Montreal, Lenny grew up in modest conditions. After graduating from Sir George Williams University with a Bachelor of Commerce, he went on to head Allied Resources Management which was highly successful in the oil business in Alberta.

He’s always operated according to the principle that there’s no better exercise for your heart than reaching down and helping to lift someone up. His impact is vividly reflected in the many letters he’s received over the years from HU students for whom his scholarships have allowed them to complete their studies.

“With the financial support I received from you, it’s easier for me to concentrate on my studies,” Julia Arziantzev wrote to Lenny during the second year of her MA degree in Cultural Studies at HU. “Without your scholarship, I doubt I would be able to keep up my average or even keep studying. Thank you for your generous assistance. It makes me optimistic to know there are people like you who willing to help in such a tremendous way.”

That’s what Lenny is all about. Helping others.

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For more information, please contact:

Robert Sarner
Senior National Director, Communications
Canadian Friends of Hebrew University
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