looking out over Jerusalem

The 2021 Asper International Program on Israeli Law and Society will be offered as an online course from May 3-May 27, 2021.

This program is an academic partnership between the University of Manitoba law school and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This course is open to UM Law students, Asper School of Business students, and law students across Canada.

Students will learn how Israel adapts, in its constitutional and regulatory framework, to the social and economic challenges and then compare and contrast that with the Canadian experience. Just about every issue that affects Canada – building a modern high-tech economy, integrating newcomers and members of traditional societies, and promoting human rights in the face of various internal and external pressures – applies to Israel.

Many areas of academic interest are covered by aspects of the program including: constitutional and human rights law, international business and trade law, and immigration and refugee law.

This year’s program is titled “Decision Making in Times of Crisis“, and will explore the wider question of how individuals, groups and societies make decisions in times of crisis. It will draw on insights that have already had an impact on legal thinking including decision theory, behavioral economics and some of the literature on trauma and resilience.

The course will explore Canadian and US legal frameworks for emergency powers of government and balancing them with civil liberties.

The course will be specifically geared to online study and will make use of advanced educational technologies to maximize student interest and involvement: pre-recorded videos, live discussions, notable guest speakers and more. Students will not only meet cutting-edge thinkers in Israeli law but have a chance to meet and interact with students from across Canada.

More information and registration available here.

The Asper Foundation annually supports the international law program at the University of Manitoba, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2020. The program was founded in 2010 by Robson Hall law professor Dr. Bryan Schwartz, who still co-teaches the program with partners from Hebrew University. Click here to read the full story of the awarding of the annual funding by The Asper Foundation.