HUJI@Home: Book Club – A conversation with author Helen Epstein

HUJI@Home: Book Club – A conversation with author Helen Epstein

Online webinar

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - May 27, 2020

WEDNESDAY, May 27 – 8pm EDT | 7pm CDT | 5pm PST

Join us for an intimate conversation with author Helen Epstein as we explore such themes as inter-generational trauma and resilience.


Helen Epstein ( is a journalist and author or translator of ten books, including the non-fiction trilogy Children of the Holocaust, Where She Came From: A Daughter’s Search for Her Mother’s History; and The Long Half-Lives of Love and Trauma. Born in Prague in 1947, Helen grew up in New York City. She began writing for print for the Jerusalem Post at the age of 20 while an undergrad at Hebrew University, and was caught up in the 1968 Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia. In the 1970s, her pioneering work on the inter-generational transmission of trauma paved the way for hundreds of works by second-generation writers and artists as well as research scientists. This spring she edited, annotated and published her mother’s 1974 memoir Franci’s War.

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