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Reflections on My Time at Hebrew University

By Wilmer F. Pulido, Ottawa.

I’m deeply grateful for having been selected to study at Hebrew University (Rothberg International School) in Jerusalem in summer 2013 after receiving the Hebrew University Academic Exchange Scholarship.

Wilmer F. Pulido at Hebrew University

My lifelong interest in the international arena stems from my personal and professional experiences, which touch on values, ethical behaviour and pure deeds and my belief that “the world is but one country and mankind its citizens” (the Bahá’í Faith).

My desire to become a source of knowledge and encouragement is part of my longstanding interest in and commitment to international development and teaching. Starting in my childhood, I was exposed to my parents’ work in international peacekeeping and development, and as primary, high school and university teachers.

As a result, I was drawn to the international development and teaching field and developed a desire to help advance the global system of relationships based on the principles of equity and justice. Israel stands out as an example to the commitment for peace (hosting four major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, Muslim and Bahá’í), justice and progress.

Wilmer F. PulidoThis led me to learn from top educators at Hebrew University as part of my professional and academic career. While there, I took two courses: Coexistence in the Middle East, taught by Professor Dr. Menahem Merhavy, and Militant Radical Movements in Contemporary Islam taught by Professor Dr. Daniel Lav.

These courses were designed with great professionalism and care. Every aspect was well planned and the professors proved excellent educators and facilitators, providing a high standard of learning, integrating academic and spiritual elements and raising me up to contribute to the progress of our society.

The course, Coexistence in the Middle East, was intimately linked to the life of Jerusalem and Israel by visiting and meeting key people who collaborate with important institutions of Israel. My major research paper was about how the present and future generations in the Middle East will behave and act toward each other and Israel.  i.e., the content of school textbooks throughout the Middle East. Special focus was given towards how Arab children and youth behave towards the Jewish community and how this interaction permeates their future success as a member of a family and society.

For my second course, Militant Radical Movements in Contemporary Islam, my major research paper focused on the development and growth of Islam in Latin America.

To further my understanding of the changing patterns of societal integration in Israel, I analyzed the complex interplay of social structures, culture and individuals’ attitudes and behaviours across time and place. My approach was to look at the interaction of changing dynamics of individual lives against a backdrop of political and social integration.

Wilmer F. Pulido and family

My studies in Jerusalem provided me with an example of a society that recognizes the oneness and wholeness of human relationships because the world requires bold, practical and actionable strategies that go beyond inspiring visions of the future.

  • Wilmer is a high school/university administrator, instructor and lecturer in international education, gender equality, climate change and humanitarian assistance. In 2021, he will earn a Doctorate degree in Social Sciences from Royal Roads University.