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Reflections on My Time at HU

By Robert Schwartz, Toronto

My first affiliation with Hebrew University was as a one-year-program student. I opted for this program as I was keenly interested in exploring the possibility of Aliyah. As a CHAT graduate, my Hebrew was quite good and I ended up taking most of my courses in the regular studies program. This very positive experience led me to return to HU to do my Master’s after making Aliyah.

A few years later, my Master’s supervisor lured me back and I completed my PhD at Hebrew U in 1987. During this period, I also taught a course in the public policy program. In 2005, after 24 years in Israel, I came on sabbatical to Toronto where I ended up staying until now.

In the interim, I’ve returned to Hebrew U-Hadassah as a visiting professor. And, next spring, I will teach two courses at HU-Hadassah and at the Mount Scopus campus.

  • Robert is currently Professor at the University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health and Executive Director of the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit.

Robert Schwartz