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Reflections on My Time at Hebrew University

By Rina Shlaifer, Montreal

Rina ShlaiferI had a great opportunity to study at Hebrew University for a MSc Degree in Biotechnology from 2003-2006. I was living in Jerusalem for many years beforehand and chose to pursue my studies at Hebrew U because it is the best academic research institution in the area.

During my studies, I obtained strong research experience in biochemistry, molecular biology and neurobiology while conducting my thesis project in Hadassah Medical School under Professor Baruch Kanner’s mentorship. The time at HU, and in Baruch’s lab in particular, was very pleasant, enjoyable and enriching. I will always keep those nice memories in my heart.

After successfully completing my studies at Hebrew U, I secured employment first in a medical genetics laboratory and then in R&D at the Strauss Group. I later moved with my husband and children to Montreal where I completed my studies for a PhD in biochemistry at Concordia University. Clearly, studying at HU had a positive impact on my life and allowed me to work in Israeli industry and also to complete challenging studies in Canada. I am very grateful to Hebrew University and to my mentors for this valuable experience.

  • Rina Shlaifer is now working at The Neuro-Early Drug Discovery Unit (EDDU) at McGill University in Montreal