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Reflections on My Time at Hebrew University

By Michaela Krell, Vancouver

I came to study at Hebrew University in my third year of undergraduate studies at McGill University in 1999. It was something I had always had in the back of my mind, having previously been to Israel on two occasions. However, in those days it was something you had to seek out. It was not just an option that you sign up for or that easily accessible.

Michaela (Krell) SingermanI vividly remember running around campus asking my professors in the Psychology department and my Jewish Studies minor program if the courses I planned on taking at Hebrew U would be recognized when I returned to McGill so as not to miss credits and delay my graduation.

I had also been accepted to the honour’s psychology program at McGill which only took a select number of students out of a few hundred. It was to be for the last two years of the four-year program. I recall having to get permission to miss one semester to attend Hebrew University and was lucky enough to receive approval.

That being said, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Studying at a world-renowned university with leading Israeli professors and practitioners, in a country I adore with students from leading universities all over North America is beyond description. It was magical. Shabbats at the Kotel with friends, campus life, Israel and all its culture and experiences at your doorstep, whether it was a weekend in Eilat, a trip to the Sinai or ice cream on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem…

I have always had an affinity for Israel but by living and studying there, my love and respect for the country, including its education and academic accomplishments, intensified and continues to grow. It was through friends I met on the program that I started looking into pursuing a legal education. I am now excited to be working as a volunteer with CFHU on a professor exchange initiative between the Faculties of Law at Hebrew University and the University of British Columbia.

Studying at Hebrew University was an opportunity of a lifetime which created memories I cherish. I encourage anyone who has the chance, to experience it for themselves.

  • Michaela (Krell) Singerman is the National Director (and heads up the Vancouver office) of Life After Law, Canadas National Recruitment firm dedicated to placing legal professionals in Corporate Counsel, Quasi-Legal, private practice and Executive Roles.