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Reflections on My Time at Hebrew University

By Daniel Kleinmann, Dallas

Daniel Kleinmann in Israel

Daniel KleinmannBeing born to Israeli parents and spending the early part of my childhood in Israel, I came to know the name and brand of Hebrew University quite well. After completing my first two years at Western University in London, Ontario, I decided to delay my acceptance to the Richard Ivey School of Business. I knew my academic career would not be complete without taking full advantage of the opportunity to study a semester abroad in Israel and take courses in International Relations and Middle Eastern History. As an avid Zionist, it was my opportunity to get a world-class academic education into the very fabrics that made up Israeli history, politics and social studies.

The education I received at the Rothberg International School gave me the foundation I still use today when debating topics such as Israel and Middle Eastern Politics. Courses such as Foreign Policy, Archeology and Jerusalem and Modern Israeli Society provided me with insights and knowledge that I could have never had otherwise. It transformed me from a staunch Zionist to an educated one. Moreover, the relationships I formed with dozens of soon-to-be close friends from so many countries worldwide is a gift I still cherish today.

I use the platform I have in my career to give back to Israel and Hebrew University by investing in disruptive and impactful technologies being developed there.

  • Daniel is currently the Senior Associate at the Adi Family Office in Dallas, Texas. He manages and overseas early-stage venture investments in healthcare technology start-ups. Part of the family office’s mandate is to invest in Israeli founders and start-ups.