Reflections on my Time at HU

By Shonnie Benaroch, Montreal

I have always felt a very special connection to Israel. For me, it’s about more than just growing up in a Zionist home and learning about Jewish and Israeli history in school. It’s about more than the beautiful beaches, delicious food and incredible atmosphere

I remember crying the very first time I landed at Ben Gurion airport 10 years ago and not understanding why. As soon as we touched down, a wave of inexplicable emotions washed over me and it’s those same feelings that led me to study at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 6 years later in 2014. Feelings I now understand are as simple as feeling at home.

When deciding where to study abroad, my friends and I were overwhelmed with options of Universities all around the world, but for me, the choice was easy. Hebrew U is not only located in my favourite country in the world, it is also a world-class institution that has produced countless political, scientific, economic, medical and business leaders.

Studying Business Administration at HUJI and living in Jerusalem gave me the opportunity to learn from industry experts, explore so much of Israel, celebrate Purim the right way, eat the best falafel in the world, improve my Hebrew, dance in the streets for Yom Ha’atzmaut, make lifelong friendships and create lasting memories 5,500 miles away from my house, while still feeling perfectly at home. It’s an experience I will cherish forever.

  • Shonnie is an Alumni Relations Officer, Corporate Engagement Programs at McGill University in Montreal. She went to Hebrew U in 2014 for one semester, studying at the Business Administration School.