100 Alumni We Love - Michal Cotler-Wunsh

Reflection on my time at HU

By Michal Cotler-Wunsh

Upon my graduation from Herzliya High School in Montreal, Canada I was awarded an excellence scholarship to study at Hebrew U. So, at the age of 17 I headed to Israel and began my studies in the Mechina program at the Rothberg International School.

I decided to remain in Israel towards the end of the year. I volunteered in the IDF, feeling that I have the same duty as my Israeli peers and newly acquired friends to serve prior to paving my personal path and with the hope that military service will facilitate to help me fully integrate into Israeli society.

Following my service, I enrolled to law school and my LL.B is from Hebrew U as well. I currently have the distinct pleasure of being a PhD candidate in the Law School, as part of the Human Rights Under Pressure – Ethics,  Law and Politics.

Studying at Hebrew U influenced the course of my life personally, professionally and academically, providing me with knowledge, tools and insights in every realm of my formal and informal activities.