100 Alumni We Love - Elysse Goldman

Reflections on my time at HU

By Elysse Goldman, Toronto

I had previously lived in Israel with my family growing up and wanted to return as soon as possible so I chose to attend the Rothberg International School at Hebrew U as my first year of university 1987-88.

I deferred my acceptance into sciences at McGill University to go to Israel, and my experience at Hebrew University changed the course of my life. The fabulous political science, history, language and other arts courses I took that year, which I loved, caused me to reconsider my decision to study science and upon my arrival at McGill, I transferred to the Arts department. I ultimately ended up doing degrees in law and business. I consider my year at Hebrew University to have been the best year of my 8-year university experience!

  • Elysse is currently Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs, Shaftesbury Films Inc.