100 Alumni We Love - Bernie Malinoff

Reflections on my time at HU

By Bernie Malinoff, Montreal

Having graduated from Hebrew Academy High School in Montreal, many of our classmates went on to Israel to study at Universities or Yeshivas. I was fortunate to go to Hebrew University in 1984-85 along with 3 other friends from my graduating class, David Nadler, Michel Korman and Alain Assouline.

Hebrew University gave me an appreciation for life in Jerusalem, the heart and soul of what it means to be Jewish. It let me forge life long friendships with those who I traveled and studied with, and got to meet along the way through our year together.

It gave me the opportunity to be Co-Chair of the New Leadership Committee for the Canadian Friends of Hebrew U in Montreal through which, I developed other life long friendships with people in both Montreal and across Canada through the vibrancy of the new leadership team and its’ programming.

And most importantly, I met my wife, and love of my life Carole at one of those CFHU events!

  • Bernie is the President of element54, a Strategic Market Research & Consultancy Firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal, a Past President of the ADATH Synagogue in Montreal, and most proud Dad (and soon to be father-in-law) of Max & Cali, Riva and Jake.