Seeing with the Ears, Hands and Bionic Eyes: Amir Amedi at TEDx Jerusalem

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Dr. Amir Amedi uses music and sounds to make blind people 'see' their environment. He uses non-invasive sensory substitution devices and invasive bionic eye procedures to teach blind people to see. He is an award winning brain scientist that suggest new ways to look at brain organization and brain flexibility. His work with blind and normal sighted individuals suggests that the brain is actually a flexible sensory independent task machine, rather than a pure sensory machine, the current dogma in brain research. If Prof. Amedi’s Jerusalem TEDx video reaches 10,000 hits, the video will be considered for Global TED, which would help bring Amir and his incredible invention EyeMusic to the masses - so please watch this video and forward the link on to your friends. It will also bring the research and work of IMRIC and the Hebrew University to a wider audience. EyeMusic, Amedi’s revelatory creation, converts images to music for those without vision.


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